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All of our dishes are made fresh! We prep and cook with fresh ingredients and authentic traditional seasonings of Puerto Rican culture. The flavors come from

our culture  of foods back on the island "La Isla" of Puerto Rico!

Ven a Disfrutar de los Sabores de La Isla

Come Enjoy the Flavors of the Island

Experience the Authentic Foods Served On The Island of Puerto Rico

at Virella's


What makes Puerto Rican food special?

Puerto Rican food is the original fusion cuisine, combining the flavors of traditional Spanish, African, and native Taíno dishes.  Each item on our menu uniquely combines the savory, the sweet, and the simply delicious to take you to the Caribbean, if only for a little while


Authentic Latin Cuisine Served
Thursday - Saturday 12pm to 8pm here at Virella's!

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